How to choose the drive of stepper motor?

- Oct 27, 2018-

1. First determine the torque required to drive the load from the stepper motor.

The easiest way is to add a lever to the load shaft and pull the lever with a spring balance. The tensile force multiplied by the length of the arm is the load moment. Or it can be theoretically calculated based on load characteristics. Since the stepper motor is a control motor, the maximum torque of a conventional stepper motor does not exceed 45 Nm. The higher the torque, the higher the cost. If the motor torque you choose is greater than or greater than this range, consider adding a reducer.


2. Determine the maximum operating speed of the stepper motor.

The speed indicator in stepper motor selection is very important. The characteristic of stepper motor is that with the motor speed, the torque increases and the speed decreases with many parameters, such as: motor drive drive voltage, phase current, phase inductance, machine. Dimensions, etc., the general rule is: the higher the driving voltage, the slower the torque drop; the larger the phase current of the motor, the slower the torque reduction. In the design, the motor speed should be controlled within 600 rev / min or 800 rev / min, of course, this is not standard, you can refer to the torque characteristics - frequency >.


3. According to the two important indicators of maximum torque and maximum load speed, and refer to torque-frequency characteristics>, you can choose the stepper motor that suits you.


If you think the motor you have chosen is too large, consider adding a reducer to save money and make your design more flexible. To choose the right reduction ratio, we should consider the relationship between torque and speed and choose the best solution. Stepper servo motor


4. Finally, some margin of torque and speed should be considered.


5. First of all, you can choose hybrid stepping motor, you can choose the price of reactive stepping motor.


6. Try selecting the subdivided drive and working it in the subdivision state.


7. When selecting, do not only see the motor torque error indicator, which means that the motor torque is not much better, and should be considered together with the speed index.


8. Ultra-small drives and micro-drivers are based on the housing as a heat sink and should be mounted on a larger, thicker metal plate or external fan for heat dissipation. If there is no heat dissipation and the drive is running at a low speed, you can choose a type 90 drive with a fan.