How to measure the speed of DC geared motor?

- Oct 31, 2018-

The DC geared motor is a geared motor based on a common DC motor and equipped with a gear reducer. The function of the gear reducer is to provide lower speed and higher torque. During use, luminaire engineers consider the speed measurement of DC geared motors to be very important. Generally, there are two main ways to measure the speed of a DC geared motor:


1. Photoelectric speedometer, the system consists of a grid plate and a photoelectric door. When the DC motor rotates the grid disk through the drive section, the tachometer photogate obtains a series of pulse signals. These pulse signals are coordinated by two timer/counters, one count and one timing. Calculate the number of pulses per unit time. After the unit is converted, the speed at which the DC motor rotates can be calculated.


2. Hall effect principle The speed measurement method, the magnetic steel on the shaft of the DC geared motor rotates, thereby changing the size of the magnetic field. As the rotational speed changes, the frequency of the output pulse changes. Therefore, the speed at which the direct current motor rotates is obtained.