- Nov 10, 2018-

1. The speed reducer is connected to the working machine: the reducer is directly mounted on the working machine spindle. When the retarder is running, the counter torque acting on the reduction gear body is applied, and the anti-torque bracket mounted on the reduction gear body is balanced by other methods. The machine is directly matched and the other end is connected to the mounting bracket.


2. Installation of the torque support: The torque support should be installed on the side of the machine facing the reducer to reduce the bending moment connected to the machine shaft. The sleeve of the counter-torque bracket and the fixed support connection end are made of elastomer such as rubber to prevent deflection and absorb torque fluctuations.


3. Installation relationship between reducer and working machine: In order to avoid the deflection of the working machine main shaft, additional force is generated on the reducer bearing. The distance between the reducer and the working machine should be as small as possible under the condition that normal operation is not affected. Its value is 5-10mm.