Shenli stepper motor solved the method of generating bias.

- Mar 30, 2018-

Shenli stepper motor solved the method of generating bias.

1. When the direction is changed, the pulse is lost, which is shown to be accurate in any direction, but the deviation is accumulated in the direction of change, and the more the more the deviation is.

Second, the initial velocity is too high, the acceleration is too big, causes sometimes to lose the step;

3. Compensate too much or too little in the situation software with synchronous belt;

4. Insufficient motor power;

5. The controller is disturbed to cause misoperation.

Vi. The drive is caused by interference;

7. Software defects;

There are several solutions:

1) general stepping motor drives the direction and the pulse signal has certain requirements, such as: the direction of the signal in the first pulse rising or falling down the drive requirement is different (different) before several microseconds is identified, otherwise there will be a pulse operation Angle and turning instead of the actual needs, the final failure phenomenon characterized by more walk more wide, subdivide the smaller obviously, solution mainly use the software to change the hair, the logic of pulse or delay.

2) due to the characteristic of the stepper motor velocity cannot be too high, especially with large load inertia cases suggest that initial velocity under 1 r/s, this impact is small, the same acceleration is too great shock to the system is big, easy to overshoot, lead to no motor positioning between forward and reverse due and certain pause time without will overshoot caused by reverse acceleration is too big.

3) adjust the value of the compensated parameter according to the actual situation (because the elastic deformation of the synchronous belt is larger, it is necessary to compensate for the change of direction).

4) increase the motor current properly and increase the drive voltage (note the motor drive) with a larger torque.

5) interference system cause the misoperation of controller or drive, we can only try to find out the interference sources, to reduce the interference ability (such as shielding, increasing distance, etc.), cut off the route of transmission, improve the anti-interference ability of their own, the common measures: (1) with double lines shielded wire instead of conventional wire, the signal in the system with the big electric current or voltage change wire separate wiring, reduce the electromagnetic interference ability.

A power filter is used to filter out the interference wave from the power grid, and the input end of each power equipment can be added with power filter to reduce the interference between the devices in the system.

It is better to transmit the signal by the photoelectric isolation device between the equipment. Under the condition, the pulse and direction signal are best transmitted by the difference mode and photoelectric isolation.In inductive load (such as electromagnetic relay, solenoid valve) with resistance capacity to absorb or discharge circuit quickly, inductive load at the beginning moment can produce 10 to 100 times the peak voltage, if working frequency in more than 20 KHZ.

6) the software does some fault-tolerant processing to eliminate the interference.