Stepper motor

- Oct 27, 2018-

Using stepper motor to process stepper motor heating, 80 degree stepping motor heating is a normal phenomenon. If 80 degrees or more should pay attention to high heat, the internal ndfeb demagnetizes, after demagnetization will affect the motor torque, the motor torque will become smaller, sometimes Burning the inner insulation apron of the motor, causing electrical short circuit, so the motor needs to be replaced, so controlling the heating of the stepping motor is more concerned. For the customer's use, the stepping motor heating is also different. If it is used outdoors, the summer temperature can reach 70 degrees. Stepper motor control will not make the heat too large, the fever should generally pay attention to adjust the current and voltage to adjust, generally the stepper motor below 57 mm is 24 volts, the voltage is unlikely, can reduce the current, more than 86 match different The different voltages of the version depend on the speed of the stepping motor. Although it is not the power supply, the output torque of the power output is so large. The cooling effect of different materials on the motor is also great, the insulation level is also different, and the demagnetization and insulating aprons are also Different, people often say the high temperature special ndfeb of stepper motor and high temperature insulated apron, please consult our technology. personnel.