Stepper motor driver powerful memory function

- Oct 31, 2018-

When the power is off, the drive of the stepper motor is in phase. The motor will “vibrate” if it is different from this phase the next time the power is turned on. In order to eliminate jitter, you must remember the phase when the power is off.


If the stepper motor operates in the order of 8, if it stops at step 4, the board is cut off and the power is turned back on. If it starts driving directly at position 4, then in step 1 the jump step will be if the system remembers it still In step 4, the command can be issued correctly to perform step 5 or step 3.


Most stepper motor drives do not have the function of an electrical phase memory, especially a stepper drive with a common dedicated IC. The reset signal of the reset pin after the special IC is charged resets the motor phase to the initial value, and the jitter on the charge should be unavoidable. Even if it has the absolute value of the servo motor, it must be judged and corrected.


Or, strictly speaking, there is no motor. The key to this advice is how much vibration can affect your application. It is best to record the absolute stop coordinates, reset the system to check the origin, and then run until the absolute coordinates are restored.