Closed Loop Stepper Motor

- Oct 31, 2018-

The built-in incremental photoelectric encoder ADAPTS to the original German original closed-loop stepper drive completely solves the problem of open-loop stepping motor out of step, improving the processing speed and accuracy. Through optimized magnetic circuit design, high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets and high-temperature resistant permanent magnet materials are selected to improve motor power density, improve motor stability, and significantly reduce motor temperature rise. The product range includes 42~110 brackets and 1NM~20NM motor models.


Features of closed-loop stepper motor:

1. Simple servo system

2. No gain adjustment, internal automatic setting function;

3. Constant current control based on load conditions;

4. Fast response (high speed positioning)

5. The speed is stable and the positioning accuracy is high.

6. No jitter, high speed motion, smooth,

7. High torque output, high resolution, no differential feedback.


Features of closed-loop hybrid stepper drive:

1. Ultra low vibration, low noise

2. Automatic motor parameter identification

3.512 microstep subdivision, minimum unit 1

4. Provide 12~24V control signal interface

5. Optically isolated differential signal input

6. Vector control, ultra low heat

7. Overvoltage, short circuit, phase loss, encoder fault tracking, ultra low fault protection

8. The fault and location of the output signal should be performed in a non-isolated OC.