Stepper Motor

- Nov 10, 2018-

Stepper motor is an important part of machine tool numerical control system. Stepper systems have been applied in a wide range. At the same time, software control gradually replaced hardware control and became the trend of stepping technology development. At present, most CNC system companies in China still need to import stepper motors, which undoubtedly increases the cost of machine tool CNC systems. The stepping system takes on the task of feedback signal, and the performance directly determines the overall quality of the CNC system.


As an important function of the CNC system, the performance of the stepper motor directly affects the performance of the CNC system. Most of the servo motors used by domestic CNC system manufacturers come from well-known foreign companies. If the stepper motor market, the development of domestic CNC systems will be further developed.


For the current status of motors used in domestic CNC systems, if the functional parts industry does not form a large-scale development, the reliability, price and quality of CNC products will not increase. At present, China has issued relevant policies, emphasizing market demand-oriented, with CNC terminal products as the main products, as well as the development of CNC machine industry driven by the whole machine, focusing on reliability and production. The scale of the CNC system and related functional components. Therefore, as an important functional component of the CNC system, the development of stepper motors will be further promoted. In terms of technology, the proportion of linear motor drives will become larger and larger, so the application of linear motor drives in high-speed and high-precision machine tools has entered an accelerated period of growth.


Domestic CNC system manufacturers should comply with policies and technologies to further develop the functional components of domestic CNC systems. At the same time, the domestic machine tool manufacturing industry will also play a huge role in promoting.