2 Phase Hybrid Linear NEMA 34 Captive Stepper Motor

2 Phase Hybrid Linear NEMA 34 Captive Stepper Motor

NEMA 34 3-phase steeper motor Step Angle 0.9°/1.8°(0.6°/1.2°) Step Angle Ettor 5% Temperature rise 80°C Max Service Environment Temperature -20°C~+50°C Service Environment Humidity <85%RH Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min 500VDC Insulation Dielectric Strength 600V AC 1 minute Axiai Clearance 1mm...

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While filling the product gap in the market, we actively innovate, lead the creation of new products in the industry, and provide the market with updated and more comprehensive Straight Gear Reducer PLS, Straight Gear Reducer PLF, NEMA 52. We will supplement the global marketing network system to ensure the unlimited extension of the brand into the future. Through our own brand advantages and technology content, combined with the market demand of different regions in the world, we deliver our products all over the world. With the highest standards of product quality and service, our products have been exported to all over the world.



The 3-phase Cnc Stepper Motors offers a  middle course between the 2-phase Cnc Stepper Motors (standard)and the 5-phase Cnc Stepper Motors with very small step angle and very low vibrations. 

Series Model

NEMA 23 Frame size (57 x 57mm)

Step Angle

1.2°Step Angle




High step Accuracy and Resolution


CE Certified and RoHs

The motor selection

Can the customized for

Widing current

Shaft options

Cablea and connectors

 NEMA 34 3-phase steeper  motor
 Step Angle 0.9°/1.8°(0.6°/1.2°)
 Step Angle  Ettor 5%
 Temperature rise 80°C  Max
 Service Environment Temperature -20°C~+50°C
 Service Environment  Humidity <85%RH
 Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min 500VDC   
 Insulation Dielectric Strength 600V AC 1 minute
 Axiai Clearance 1mm Max
 Shaft Axial  Play 0.02mm Max


Boundary  Dimension(unit:mm


 Wiring Diagram(unit:mm)

 Technical Parameters(unit:mm)

Shenli stepper motor can customize the winding to perfectly match your voltage,current,and maximum operating speed. Special shaft modifications, cables and connectors are also  available upon request.
 Need help choosing the right Stepper Motor? Read this: Uni-polar vs Bi-polar or  learn more about Stepper Motor Basics.

Our production scale of 2 Phase Hybrid Linear NEMA 34 Captive Stepper Motor is very large, and we have modern production plants. Our tenet is 'integrity first, quality best'. We have a long-term relationship with many companies at home and abroad and become partners of many domestic companies.
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