57mm 1.8 Degree NEMA 23 2 Phase Unipolar Stepper Stepping Motor with 8 Lead-Wires

57mm 1.8 Degree NEMA 23 2 Phase Unipolar Stepper Stepping Motor with 8 Lead-Wires

NEMA 17 2 Phase 47mm stepper motor Step Angle 0.9°/1.8°(0.6°/1.2°) Step Angle Ettor 5% Temperature rise 80°C Max Service Environment Temperature -20°C~+50°C Service Environment Humidity <85%RH Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min 500VDC Insulation Dielectric Strength 600V AC 1 minute Axiai Clearance...

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In order to speed up the pace of our company's development and expand brand awareness, we sincerely hope to establish close cooperation and win-win relations with enterprises and individual groups from all walks of life, and jointly develop the Nema 14 Micro Stepper Motor, Nema 16 Micro Stepper Motor, Nema 17 Stepper Motor market. We've our personal manufacturing unit and sourcing business. The development of an enterprise is not the result of individual labor but the crystallization of team wisdom.


The NEMA 17 2 phase 47mm steeper motor is the standard type product of shenli motor. The size of the two phase 42 flanges is 42*42 47mm long stepping motor. 
 The NEMA 17 2 phase 47mm steeper motor Using high quality cold rolled steel sheet, Taiwan TPI bearings are selected, and the motor surface is treated by electrophoresis. 
 Application Range:ShenLi motor hybrid stepper motor at present has been widely used in engraving machine, laser machine, CNC machine tools, textile machinery, medical equipment, measurement equipment, electronic processing equipment, packaging machinery and equipment, etc all kinds of automation equipment and instruments.

NEMA 17 2 Phase 47mm stepper motor  
 Step Angle 0.9°/1.8°(0.6°/1.2°)
 Step Angle Ettor 5%
 Temperature rise 80°C Max
 Service Environment Temperature -20°C~+50°C
 Service Environment Humidity <85%RH
 Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min 500VDC   
 Insulation Dielectric Strength 600V AC 1 minute
 Axiai Clearance 1mm Max
 Shaft Axial Play 0.02mm Max


Boundary Dimension(unit:mm)


 Wiring Diagram(unit:mm)

 Technical Parameters(unit:mm)




We always keep pace with the times, implementing brand operation strategy, thus making our 57mm 1.8 Degree NEMA 23 2 Phase Unipolar Stepper Stepping Motor with 8 Lead-Wires have excellent cost performance and efficient and fast service characteristics. We take the brand as the driving force to serve more customers and achieve greater social value. The corporate style is the working atmosphere formed by the enterprise in the long-term production and operation activities, and it is the external manifestation of the internal quality of the enterprise.
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