NEMA 11 Hollow Double Shaft Micro Stepper Motor (28SHD4802-7SK)

NEMA 11 Hollow Double Shaft Micro Stepper Motor (28SHD4802-7SK)

NEMA 11 micro stepper motor Step Angle 0.9°/1.8°(0.6°/1.2°) Step Angle Ettor 5% Temperature rise 80°C Max Service Environment Temperature -20°C~+50°C Service Environment Humidity <85%RH Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min 500VDC Insulation Dielectric Strength 600V AC 1 minute Axiai Clearance 1mm Max...

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Nema 8 Micro Stepper Motor:Two-phase stepper motor is based on the industry's advanced magnetic circuit design scheme.In the selection, it is made of high temperature permanent-magnet and high quality cold rolled steel. The NMB or NSK bearing is chosen, the surface of the motor is sealed by spray or aluminum shell.The series motor has the characteristics of high output torque, low temperature rise, low noise and low vibration, and high reliability and stability.The motor runs smoothly, without obvious oscillation area, which can meet the use of different working conditions in the automation industry.
 Application Range:ShenLi motor hybrid stepper motor at present has been widely used in engraving machine, laser machine, CNC machine tools, textile machinery, medical equipment, measurement equipment, electronic processing equipment, packaging machinery and equipment, etc all kinds of automation equipment and instruments.


NEMA 11 micro  stepper motor
 Step Angle 0.9°/1.8°(0.6°/1.2°)
 Step Angle Ettor 5%
 Temperature rise 80°C Max
 Service Environment Temperature   -20°C~+50°C
 Service Environment Humidity <85%RH
 Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min 500VDC   
 Insulation Dielectric Strength 600V AC 1 minute
 Axiai Clearance 1mm Max
 Shaft Axial Play 0.02mm Max


Boundary Dimension(unit:mm)    




 Wiring Diagram(unit:mm)

 Technical Parameters(unit:mm)



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