NEMA 17 Gear Stepper Motor 42 Motor Ratio Planetary Gearbox Stepper Motor

NEMA 17 Gear Stepper Motor 42 Motor Ratio Planetary Gearbox Stepper Motor

NEMA 42 stepper motor Step Angle 0.9°/1.8°(0.6°/1.2°) Step Angle Ettor 5% Temperature rise 80°C Max Service Environment Temperature -20°C~+50°C Service Environment Humidity <85%RH Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min 500VDC Insulation Dielectric Strength 600V AC 1 minute Axiai Clearance 1mm Max Shaft...

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We always consider the needs of customers as our quest, and try our best to provide wholeheartedly high-quality NEMA 23 Closed-loop Motor, Nema 16 Stepper Motor, Nema 24 2 Phase Stepper Motor and first-rate services to customers at home and abroad to create a brighter future. Our corporate governance structure is complete, standardized, and equipped with internationally advanced production equipment. Based on the principle of benefit-sharing and close cooperation, we strive to better communicate with new and old clients at home and abroad for common development. Our company has always insisted on pragmatic work to make customers feel at ease, with innovative technology to meet customer requirements, in good faith attitude to reach a win-win situation for both sides.


NEMA 42 stepper motor is the largest NEMA size  in the market. Shenli use advanced magnetic material to provide the  highest torque density with the least vibration and noise level. 

Series Model

NEMA 34 Frame size (110 x 110mm)

Step Angle

1.8°Step    Angle




High step Accuracy and    Resolution


CE Certified and RoHs

The motor selection

Can the customized for

Widing current

Shaft options

Cablea and connectors

 NEMA 42 stepper  motor
 Step Angle 0.9°/1.8°(0.6°/1.2°)
 Step Angle  Ettor 5%
 Temperature rise 80°C  Max
 Service Environment Temperature  -20°C~+50°C
 Service Environment  Humidity <85%RH
 Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min 500VDC   
 Insulation Dielectric Strength 600V AC 1 minute
 Axiai Clearance 1mm Max
 Shaft Axial  Play 0.02mm Max


Boundary  Dimension(unit:mm)


 Wiring Diagram(unit:mm)

Technical Parameters(unit:mm)


Shenli stepper motor  can  customize the winding to perfectly match your voltage, current, and maximum  operating speed. Special shaft modifications, cables and connectors are also  available upon request.
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We cherish the quality of our products as if we cherish our own life. Starting from the raw material company, we have implemented the system of checking at all levels. The quality of our NEMA 17 Gear Stepper Motor 42 Motor Ratio Planetary Gearbox Stepper Motor has been steadily improved and improved for many years. Our corporate culture has been nurtured and continuously enriched in the development of our business along with the process of modernization. Our advantages are our innovation, flexibility and reliability which have been built during last 20 years.
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