Rtelligent 110A12 Hybrid 2 Phase 19mm Shaft 110*110mm 12nm NEMA 42 Stepper Motor for CNC Machine/Router

Rtelligent 110A12 Hybrid 2 Phase 19mm Shaft 110*110mm 12nm NEMA 42 Stepper Motor for CNC Machine/Router

NEMA 42 3-phase steeper motor Step Angle 0.9°/1.8°(0.6°/1.2°) Step Angle Ettor 5% Temperature rise 80°C Max Service Environment Temperature -20°C~+50°C Service Environment Humidity <85%RH Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min 500VDC Insulation Dielectric Strength 600V AC 1 minute Axiai Clearance 1mm...

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In the current increasingly fierce market competition, our company will continue to strive for perfection, continue to deepen the strength of corporate scientific management, improve the quality of NEMA 34 Two-phase Long Stepper Motor, Straight Gear Reducer ZPLF, NEMA 17 Linear Wire Motor, and provide customers with perfect and enthusiastic after-sales service. In the context of global economic integration, providing personalized products and services has become an important trend in economic development. Our company has a modern enterprise operation mode. We believe that product quality is the most important key to success, and integrity is the cornerstone of our company. We are keeping improving the quality of our products ,developing more and better products to satisfy all the customers. We pay attention to off-line visits and tracking, so as to better understand the effect of the product and optimize in a timely manner.



The NEMA 42 Stepper Motor was primarily developed for users who  have only restricted installation space available with increased torque and who  cannot use any gears because of the backlash.

Series Model

NEMA    42 Frame size (110 x 110mm)

Step Angle

1.2°Step    Angle




High step Accuracy and    Resolution


CE    Certified and RoHs

The motor selection

Can    the customized for

Widing    current

Shaft    options

Cablea    and connectors

 NEMA 42 3-phase steeper  motor
 Step Angle 0.9°/1.8°(0.6°/1.2°)
 Step Angle  Ettor 5%
 Temperature rise 80°C  Max
 Service Environment Temperature -20°C~+50°C
 Service Environment  Humidity <85%RH
 Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min 500VDC   
 Insulation Dielectric Strength 600V AC 1 minute
 Axiai Clearance 1mm Max
 Shaft Axial  Play 0.02mm Max
 Boundary  Dimension(unit:mm

Wiring Diagram(unit:mm)

 Technical Parameters(unit:mm)

Shenli stepper motor  can  customize the winding to perfectly match your voltage, current, and maximum  operating speed. Special shaft modifications, cables and connectors are also  available upon request.
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We focus on the R & D and manufacturing of Rtelligent 110A12 Hybrid 2 Phase 19mm Shaft 110*110mm 12nm NEMA 42 Stepper Motor for CNC Machine/Router and to establish a solid customer relationship with high-quality service, to win a solid market position through the use of unique product system. We have professional production technology, senior research and development talents, adopting strict processing and testing methods, high-quality materials and advanced formulas, and our management is always increasing with the continuous changes in market demand. In our production and operation, we follow the tenet of honesty, credibility, and continuous development, and integrate enthusiasm and efficiency into the entire process of pre-sales, sales and after-sales services.
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